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Magic Key Music Studio Piano Curricula

Every child is different and every parent has a different vision for their child's musical journey. For these reasons, MKMS offers two different music curricula so parents can decide which method would best accommodate their child's needs. Not sure which curriculum works best for your child? Mention your concerns during your 15 minute consultation for additional information and teacher suggestions. 

David Carr Glover Method for Piano : Primer 
Track: Alpha 

David Carr Glover (1925-1988) was an American Pianist, educator, and composer. His method books have been used by many music teachers. They offer "A sound approach to learning the piano, with emphasis on reading music through interval and note recognition, clapping, singing and counting aloud for proper rhythmical performance, and on sight reading and ear training."

Studio Fee: $40

Faber and Faber Piano Adventures : Primer
Track: Beta 

Nancy and Randall Faber are a husband-and-wife duo who have combined their musical talents for composing and performing into an effective piano curriculum. "Piano Adventures is an exciting, comprehensive piano method that teaches children analysis, creativity, and musical expression." 

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Studio Fee: $30

Piano Keyboard

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