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Magic Key Music Studio specializes in teaching students ages 6-11. Students must

  • Own or have ready access to a piano

  • Be proficient in reading and writing

  • Be willing to dedicate 30 minutes of their time to daily practice


  • Arrive five minutes early for lessons with all music books

  • Participate in as many recitals as possible

  • Let MKMS know 48 hours in advance before canceling a lesson

  • Work diligently to make progress in your studies



Magic Key Music Studio offers 30 minute weekly piano lessons. Students will work through their piano curriculum while learning new and traditional pieces, piano technique, and music theory. MKMS does not offer lessons for the months of December and May.




Students are invited to participate in two recitals, one hosted in the fall, the other in the spring. The Fall recital is an informal event, and students will have the opportunity to share their pieces with residents in a local nursing home. The Spring recital is a formal event where students will continue to practice the art of performing before an audience.




Payments should be made at the first of each month. Tuition is $100 for four lessons. An additional studio fee of $30-40 is required at the beginning of the music year (see fee amounts under curricula). This will cover the cost of Primer Level music books and a piano notebook.  




Due to sickness, inclement weather, travel, or unforeseen circumstances, lessons sometimes must be canceled. If this occurs, please let MKMS know 48 hours in advance before canceling. We will work to reschedule the lesson to a later date.  

Ready for your child to begin Piano Lessons? 

1. Read Studio Policy.

2. Browse MKMS Curricula to determine which would be the best fit for your child.

3. Schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation with Kayla to discuss your family's music goals and get answers to further questions.

4. Download and sign Studio Policy.

5. Scan and send the document to Kayla and book your child's first piano lessons!  

Piano Keyboard

Schedule a Free 15 Minute Consultation 

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